When you find the foods YOUR body needs, along with IDENTIFYING AND
BECOMING FREE of those that inflame your body & brain, it elevates every single
area of your life. In only 10 days!

THOUSANDS OF MY CLIENTS have discovered the
connection between food and their...


Your body holds an infinite amount of intelligence.

Yet every time you try another diet or nutrition program, without learning what does and doesn’t work for YOU, then you are not only failing…..Again…..

…..but are giving away your chance for REAL VITALITY & BEING truly WELL.

The rewards for claiming this are priceless.


“Shocked I am still losing weight steadily”

“Wife is thrilled. Going home early because I’m getting my work done more quickly”

“Felt much more confident in my tux at black tie event”

“I can fit into shorts that I couldn't even get up my hips!!”

“Cholesterol is 155, down from 224 last year”

“I have so much more patience for everything and everyone”

“Husband told me it looks like I have my spunk back.”

“Lost 2#s last night!”

“BP is 110/69 (No meds)!”

“I feel more articulate, confident and comfortable in new conversations.”

“My ‘stressful’ days are less stressful.

“I am feeling so much better about the way I look and fit into clothes.”

“Feeling so much more comfortable and confident in my body!”

“I am sleeping through the night without melatonin”

“I took in 6 pairs of jeans to be altered & took them down 3-4 inches each in the waist”

“OMG!!! Check out my abs”

“Took family photos and my face actually looked like me again!”

“Knowing there is accountability for me has been the biggest lifeline”

“I have so many people commenting on my ‘glow’.”

“I am off my pain meds & pain free”

“I exchanged a dress for a size 6 today and am getting a size 8 taken in :-)”

“It's really interesting to me that food can truly make a difference in your skin's appearance. No make up, no procedures, just as simple as finding the right foods that work for you.”

The Most Surprising Results

When you have a system and a coach to help you MINDFULLY and efficiently learn what your body does, and doesn’t want, via YOUR unique food formula, you too can have health & life results like these.

And when you focus on personalizing your foods for your health, the weight falls off quicker than you can imagine EVEN IF everything else has failed.

Once big physical results like these begin emerging, many of them in as little as 10 days, THEN even greater results can emerge

Upon removing the foods inflaming our brain - overwhelm, irritability and stress can dramatically improve even if we have crazy, full lives

Mindfulness and other practices THEN allow us to amplify this state...

…..Easily with ZERO extra time taken out of our busy days

By learning to quickly connect to that place in us that knows ALL is WELL even when the S!%# appears to be hitting the fan.

This is the definition of True Vitality and Real Wellness:

The best physical and body results. AND internal Well-Being & Ease.

Our world needs a vibrant, healthy awakened you!

If this sounds like something you want. Now. Then let’s talk. See how to get my help for FREE below.


Here is a little bit about me…..
Kim Love

Once upon a time, I lived life unwell. Despite being trained as a nutritionist, eating "healthy", and beginning meditation over two decades ago, I lived with bloating, low energy, brain fog, anxiety and a host of health issues, eventually culminating in a year-long fever. Spending $20K on doctors didn't provide an answer. I knew food played a monumental role so I tried diet after diet - vegetarian, cleanses, macrobiotic, raw - yet I was none the wiser as to what my body truly needed to thrive. I was simply confused. Sound familiar...?

So I put myself on another diet but this time I used my mindfulness practices & asked the right questions, of my own body and mind, and the answers I found forever changed my life. Fevers disappeared. Lifelong IBS was gone. Energy returned. Any my passion was ignited.

A friend who witnessed my journey asked me to help him. He told a friend, a prominent CEO in town, and so it went. The word spread, initially within the CEO community, before I realized - Hey, this passion is a mission! - a mission to help people discover their unique food-answers to what ails, energizes, and rejuvenates them.

A decade and thousands of clients later, my work has continued evolving to help people live with true vitality and wellness in a very clear step-by-step process that includes lots of efficient hand holding, accountability and a devotion to you and your results.



All of these changes were great, but the most shocking change was my pain levels. Little did I know that foods could impact pain.

LLP considers the uniqueness of the individual rather than just lumping everyone into a one-size-fits-all diet plan.

Jyl K.
Jyl K.

I really leaned up. My running and cycling has improved and it's really nice getting affirmative comments from others. I respond that I'm living and LOVING life!


Participating in the Love Cleanse is one of the best things I have done for myself.


The end result is that I am now completely aware of my food intake and how each item can fuel my day. In addition, my wife and I have discovered many healthier, non-processed foods that will become the norm for us and our family.


Whereas before, food controlled my life far more than I was aware, my new found knowledge about how foods affect me personally, has allowed me to change the relationship completely.

Steven S.
Steven S.

During my peak energy I found myself up and out of bed an hour earlier than my alarm. Shocking!!

Lainey F.
Lainey F.

I feel like I have uncovered my life. Like I just finally woke up. I am healthier in mind, body and spirit and continue to uncover more.


My energy is up, allergies are gone and I`m feeling great. My weight loss is an added plus and done without daily exercise.


Sleeping 3-4 hours a night was not uncommon. As I started the program, I began sleeping so much better.

Amy H.
Amy H.

The payoff has come through higher energy levels, better sleep, and weight loss - I dropped 20 pounds over the course of the program.

Ryan Y.
Ryan Y.

The first day went smoothly, the second day was not good, but the third day the clouds parted and I saw the light. I felt better, I slept better, my skin was glowing and I was dropping weight, fast.

Lucy R.
Lucy R.

I'm amazed at the energy level I have and my psoriasis are completely under control!

Rebecca M.
Rebecca M.

The Love Life Method has dramatically changed my diet and my life.

Ryan R.
Ryan R.

I discovered which foods help me thrive and eating has become a whole new way of life for me.

Christina R.
Christina R.

Improved sleep, decreased pain, a happier belly and de-puffing of some formerly puffy eyes.

Steph L.
Steph L.

I can truly say this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, my family and friends!

Sarah S.
Sarah S.

The Love Life Method program has utterly change my life. I can't speak highly enough about the clarity and knowledge it has brought into my life - mind, body and spirit.

Kaite V.
Kaite V.

By day 10 I was feeling unbelievable - my energy was a 10 from waking to 8-9pm at night.

Carrie G.
Carrie G.

The structure of [LoveLife Program] and treating our bodies like a scientific experiment really helped with our success.

The Segars
The Segars

I have more energy when I wake up & it makes me feel like I'm invincible. Bring it on world!

Tanner O.
Tanner O.